Paris photographs and images of the city.

Window Shopping
























Window shopping in Paris


By an English speaking photographer in Paris, Jamie A Cowan, © ShutterLIVING


I have many wedding photo sets about to be published.  I guess as wedding season comes to a close this is to be expected.  Some weddings in Paris, some in Italy (and one in Lille) however in order to reduce the repetitive nature of the typical wedding photographer’s images I will try and mix it up a little.

If you want to see shutterLIVING’s last post (and first post) on ‘shutterLIVING PhotoBlog’, please visit, Saz & Jamie’s wedding photographs here. This is a typical wedding in Scotland, Edinburgh. To Saz you look beautiful, Jamie A legend as ever.

A photographer’s job in Paris is easy, close your eyes point and shoot.  The photos above are from a recent walk around Paris, from Place Vendôme, up to Montmartre (a long walk for those that know).
Note: When shopping in Place Vendôme be careful you don’t bump into celebs wanting to be seen, (Montmartre is where they shop when they don’t want to be seen).

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