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The art of typography can be dated to ancient empires. Of course, we have come a long way from the bird-headed man and cactus signs, but the craft remains the same. How is it possible to leave an impression on the reader? What makes the impact that stay with the mind even longer than the actual syllables and sentences?

Many might mistake this art for a marketing coy or trick, a technique that is simply used to gain attention in order to achieve a sale. As true as it may be, it must not be forgotten, that there is something incredibly courageous and artful in way we change the portrayal of our letters and words.

Take a look at the pictures. To you they may seem as they are, but to someone else, the typography signifies something completely different. Similarly, if the font were to be changed, it would likewise change the entire picture for you. It creates a simple illusion, which is probably the main reason it is well-used for advertising.

However, think back to those old books full of Mother Goose stories and their typography. It transports you, much like an image, to a different place and time and evokes emotions that were first felt at the time.


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